Tangara is a portable music player. It outputs high-quality sound through a 3.5-mm headphone jack or Bluetooth, has great battery life, and includes a processor that's powerful enough to support any audio format you can throw at it. It's also 100% open hardware running open-source software, which makes it easy to customize, repair, and upgrade. Tangara plays what you want to hear, however you want to hear it.


  • ESP32 microcontroller with dual-core 240MHz Xtensa LX6 processor, 520KiB SRAM, 8MiB SPIRAM, Bluetooth and WiFi support.
  • SAMD21E co-processor for power management and USB-C connectivity, providing hassle-free flashing and debugging.
  • Cirrus Logic WM8523 DAC provides high quality audio output, with a TI INA1620 amplifier for clean gain and plenty of output power.
  • 20+ hours of active listening time with a 2200-mAh LiPo battery. Incredible standby time (>1 year) means no loss of charge when you're not listening.
  • Capacitive touchwheel and physical buttons make the device a joy to use.
  • Great Lua scripting support, combined with the open source, open hardware nature of the device, makes it a joy to make your device yours.

Open Hardware, Open Software

The PCB design is done in KiCad, and is licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License. Our firmware for the ESP32 and SAMD21 is GPL-licensed. We’re even making the case in FreeCAD so you can print and/or modify your own!


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